• Timing – We ensure that you get your applications when they are going to be most effective for your lawn.
  • Knowledgeable staff – Our lawn care specialist are trained to know which products, and at what rate they will be most effective on your lawn. Each lawn is different and it takes a specialist to know how to bring the most out of your lawn.
  • Licensed, trained, and insured – No need to worry.
  • Proactive services and treatments – Our lawn care specialist are trained to recognize early warning signs of disease and insect problems and treat for these before they become a major problem to your lawn.
  • No messy clean up or disposal of fertilizer or other chemicals.

Yes, we have organic options. Please call our office for details or send us an email at sales@gatsbygrounds.com.

No, we do not offer regular lawn mowing; just field mowing with our tractor. However, we can refer you to companies that we trust. Please click Here for our preferred contractor list.

We offer different programs depending on your current lawn, and what your expectations are for your lawn. Depending on irrigation, sun exposure and other factors, we typically fertilize four to six times a year. We also offer grub control and lime applications.

An existing lawn should be watered between two and seven times per week. Ultimately it depends on the quality of your topsoil. If you have less than three inches of topsoil, you will need to water five to seven times per week. If you have six inches or more of topsoil, you will be able to water less frequently but for longer times. Generally speaking, it is more efficient to water less frequently for longer durations up to one hour per zone.

No, we do not offer installations or any other irrigation services. However, we can refer you to companies that we trust. Please click Here for our preferred contractor list.



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For Contracting needs or to add a little more to your outdoor space, please consider:

C.M. Chartier Contracting

Trellises, decks, gazebos, additions, remodeling & custom homes.


For Clean Up or Mowing Services please consider:

Boudreau Brothers Landscaping


Beaulac Brothers Landscaping


Moisan Brothers Landscaping


For Landscape Supplies or Plant material please consider:

Powell Stone and Gravel


Central Mass Gardens


For Landscape Supplies or Plant material please consider:


Our decades of experience in lawn and turf care ensures that every job we take comes out remarkable. Contact us today to utilize any of our quality services and we promise your landscape will look better than you could have ever imagined.