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This lawn in Concord, MA has been hydroseeded.

Lawn Care Services in Framingham, MA & Surrounding Areas

Our lawn care company services Framingham, MA with fertilization, weed control, lawn disease prevention, hydroseeding, plant health care, and more.

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The Way Lawn Care Should Be!

Plant health care and lawn fertilization for homes and businesses in Framingham, MA.

We provide the services your lawn needs to grow lush and green throughout the year.

With a population of 670,000 and home to a few major corporations such as Staples, Perini, and Bose Audio, Framingham, MA is a blue-collar town just 17 miles west of Boston. Home to the first-ever shopping mall in America, Framingham is known for its ethnic diversity and historic landmarks such as the Danforth Museum of Art and Saxonville Falls and Dam.

Our lawn care company, Gatsby Grounds Company, has provided our lawn care services, such as plant health care and fertilization, to this area for more than 20 years. Learn more about our services throughout Framingham and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts that are designed to keep your lawn growing green and lush throughout the year.

Lawn Restoration Services Includes Topdressing, Hydroseeding, Seeding, & More

Top dressing results at a Framingham, MA residential property.

Hydroseeding services can help establish a healthy and beautiful lawn in just 4-6 weeks. Hydroseeding is most efficient in Framingham when looking to recover a large area at a cheaper price than sod grass. Topdressing is an organic mix used for smoothing the grass surface and can also be used for seeding, over-seeding or sprigging. Topdressing can also be used on the grass to avoid degradation in the winter. Seeding services are offered for the creation of new lawns, lawn repair, and lawn maintenance. Core aeration increases the health of your lawn and can make a huge impact if performed annually.

Give Your Lawn Nutrients It Needs With Our Lawn Care Package

Fertilize your Framingham lawn and fight off insects and disease with nutrients to make it stronger and healthier. Our weed control services also help your yard stay beautiful and protected from weed growth. Lawns infested with disease and insects can change the look of your yard and also keep it from flourishing. Our disease and insect control service is a call away to bring it to an end.

Without proper treatment, lawn insects and disease can quickly overtake a lawn and kill off your grass.

Keep Insects Out of Your Framingham, MA Lawn With Insect Control Treatments

White grubs infesting a lawn in Framingham, MA.

Without the proper treatment, fleas can be found in your lawn where they latch on to humans and even pets to cause side effects and diseases. Flea and tick control services are offered in May, July, and September.

In 2018, seven West Nile Virus mosquitoes were discovered in Framingham and in Massachusetts alone, there are over 50 types of mosquitoes that cause itchy and painful bites, and can even cause diseases. Mosquito control services are more often than not used in the summertime of the year.

Other Services Include Soil Testing & Plant Health Care

Be sure to acquire a soil test before applying fertilizer to your Framingham lawn. It tests for pH levels in your soil and makes sure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to stay perfect. With many different plant diseases in Massachusetts, plant health care services can be crucial in making sure your plants are strong and healthy enough to fight off insects and plant diseases.

If you live in Framingham, MA and need lawn care services, contact our company today!

Our company has more than 20 years of experience working with residential and commercial properties in Framingham, MA, and the surrounding areas. If you need lawn care services, contact us today by calling (978) 582-1594 or submit our online form to get in touch with one of our professionals!

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