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We offer plant health services in Lunenburg, MA.

Plant Health Care In Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, & Nearby MA Areas

Promote healthy shrubs and trees on your property with our plant health care treatments, including deep-root injections.

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Plant health care services for shrubs and trees at residential and commercial properties in Worcester and Middlesex Counties.

Help ensure your plants stay healthy with our plant health care program that targets plant disease, common insects, and more.

Powdery mildew has taken over this plant in Concord, MA.

Your trees and shrubs are an investment, and it’s important to protect that investment from potential threats such as plant disease and insect infestation. Our plant health care program targets those issues while helping your plants get strong enough to fight them off.

Our plant health care services are available for residential and commercial properties throughout Worcester and Middlesex Counties, including Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, Westford, Lincoln, and more

Common Plant Diseases in Massachusetts

There are several plant diseases that can target your shrubs and trees. Many will end up killing your plants if left unchecked. Common diseases here include root rot, powdery mildew, and needle cast.

Root rot: Root rot is a fungal disease that forms when there is too much moisture and too much nitrogen in the soil. It begins by killing the smaller roots as it progresses to the larger roots, which is when the visible symptoms start. Leaves will wilt, new leaves will be considerably smaller, and the plant will generally decline. This disease is not easy to get rid of once it is in the soil, but fungicides can be applied in early stages of the growth.

Powdery mildew: There are many different types of this fungal disease, but they all have similar symptoms. The most visible is a dusty, grayish covering that overtakes the plant. It typically does not kill plants but leaves them looking unsightly. It can also cause leaves to fall early and make the plant enter its dormant period sooner than usual. Other symptoms include leaf curling and purpling of the plant foliage. To manage this disease, early detection is key. Pruning away infected areas helps, and applying fungicide can help in the early stages of the disease.

Needle cast: Needle cast is another fungal disease that can infect spruces, firs, pines, hemlock, and cedar trees. It develops when temperatures are mild and tree needles stay wet for a while. It can spread over wind and water and tends to begin in the spring. Needles toward the inside of the tree are affected first and it spreads from there. It results in needles being shed prematurely and can end up leaving only needles at the top of the tree. Like other diseases, it’s best managed in its early stages with fungicides that are applied in early spring.

We can apply the proper fungicides to attack any fungal disease growth that may happen on your shrubs and non-fruit-bearing trees.

Bugs That May Infest Your Plants Include Lace Bugs, Spider Mites, Scale, & More

We offer plant health services that fight off pests like this spider mite on a plant in Lunenburg, MA.

On top of the common diseases in our area, there are also threats from bugs that can infest your plants. Bugs in this region of Massachusetts that will damage your plants include lace bugs, spider mites, scale, hemlock woolly adelgid, bronze birch borer, and more.

Lace bugs will feed on leaves of plants and can interrupt the photosynthesis process with their feedings, thus managing them is important to the health of plants. Spider mites will end up depleting the chlorophyll from plants and make their leaves look bleached. Scale infestation can result in sticky substance forming on the plant as well as abnormal growth of leaves and branches. Hemlock woolly adelgid will feed on twigs and appear to look like cotton balls all over the branches of the tree.

How We Help Prevent Bug Infestations & Plant Diseases

Our plant health care program helps to prevent common issues like bug infestations and plant diseases by making your shrubs and trees as strong as possible to fight them. One of these ways is with our deep-root injections, where we inject fertilizer deep into the soil to give plant roots as many nutrients as possible. We also spread granular fertilizer around the drip lines of the plant. With the right fertilizer and nutrient combination, plants can fend off these common problems and stay healthy.

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