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We offer soil testing services for areas in and around Lunenburg, MA.

Soil Testing In Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, & Nearby MA Areas

Get your soil assessed for levels of nutrients, pH level, and more to see how we can help improve your lawn health.

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Soil testing services for homes and businesses located in Worcester and Middlesex Counties.

We provide soil testing to check for potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, pH, and micronutrient levels at your residential or commercial property.

Our soil testing services in Lunenburg, MA can determine what nutrients need to be added to your lawn.

An important step in ensuring your lawn’s health is to obtain a soil test before applying fertilizer. This tests for pH level as well as levels of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus in your soil.

Gatsby Grounds Company provides this soil testing service for companies and residences throughout the Worcester and Middlesex County areas that include Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, Westford, and more.

Why You Should Have a Soil Test Done

Soil testing can help your lawn care team assess the best way to care for your lawn. If your lawn is low on nitrogen, we can adjust accordingly. Lawns that are low in phosphorus must have a soil test performed in order to indicate the low phosphorus level. In Massachusetts, a soil test is required to apply phosphorus.

Our soil testing can also measure your pH level. If a soil pH level isn’t in the ideal range, then your plants can’t absorb as many nutrients. Soil pH should fall between 6.5 to 6.9. Our soil tests are performed by a qualified lab. A free soil test is included with all of our lawn care programs.

We take your soil test results and create a customized plan to treat your lawn that corrects any nutrient imbalances.

Soil Testing Helps Protect the Environment, Conserve Energy, & Save Money

Soil testing helps conserve energy for your lawn in Lunenburg, MA.

When you can find out how much of each nutrient is in your soil, it helps avoid the application of excess fertilizer. For example, if your soil has a high nitrogen content already and you have a high nitrogen fertilizer added to your lawn, the soil won’t absorb much of it. Thus, the fertilizer will run off in the next rain and leach into the water system. This leads to water contamination and other issues. It can also conserve energy and save money.

Accurately Improve Nutrient Balance with Soil Testing

It can be frustrating to try many methods of treating plants and grass only to have those methods not work. This can happen due to an imbalance of nutrients in your soil, and the best way to determine what needs to be balanced is to conduct a soil test. Without knowing exactly what your soil needs, it’s tough to apply the correct treatments to help your lawn and landscape plants reach their optimal health.

Contact us today to set up a soil test for your residential or commercial lawn.

We can perform soil testing for residences or commercial properties located in Worcester and Middlesex Counties, including the areas of Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, Westford, Lincoln, Framingham, and more. Give us a call today at (978) 582-1594 to set up a soil test for your lawn!

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