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Insect control application in Wilmington, MA.

Plant Health & Lawn Insect Control in Wilmington, MA & Surrounding Areas

We offer lawn fertilization, flea and tick control, and other lawn care services to those in Wilmington, MA.

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The Way Lawn Care Should Be!

Insect control and plant health services for residential and commercial properties in Wilmington, MA.

We restore the health and appearance of your lawn.

Wilmington is a city of around 22,000 people located in Massachusetts' Middlesex County. This town offers a lot of connectivity, as residents have access to major roads like Route 62 and Interstate 93.

Major portions of this town were built on wetlands, so its properties have unique lawn care needs. Luckily, our team at Gatsby Grounds Company is experienced with caring for lawns in Wilmington, MA, and the surrounding areas. To help restore the health and appearance of your lawn, we offer a variety of insect control and plant health services.

Our team serves both residential and commercial properties. Keep reading to learn how we can promote the health of your lawn.

We Restore Your Lawn through Top Dressing, Core Aeration, & Seeding

Here's an overview of our lawn restoration services:

  • Hydroseeding: To help promote quick grass growth, we use a specialized slurry that includes polyacrylamide tackifier, a slow-release fertilizer, wood fiber mulch, and grass seed.
  • Core aeration: We loosen your lawn's compacted soil and improve its ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Seeding: We can perform overseeding or slice seeding services to strengthen your current grass.
  • Top dressing: Top dressing increases the nutrients and organic matter in your lawn.

If you're unsure of the exact services your lawn needs, contact our team today. We can help you decide the best course of action for restoring your lawn.

Our Insect Control Services Target Mosquitoes, Ticks, & Fleas

Our two primary insect control services include:

  • Mosquito control: From May to September, we apply our mosquito control treatments to keep these bugs out of your yard. Every application lasts for up to 30 days, so we visit your property around once a month to produce ideal results.
  • Flea & tick control: Our flea and tick control treatments are applied less frequently than our mosquito ones. Typically, we apply flea and tick control treatments once in May, July, and September.

We also offer other insect and disease control services that target issues like:

  • Red thread
  • Pythium
  • Sod webworms
  • Chinch bugs

Call our team today to learn more about how we target these pests in your yard.

Fertilization Services, Soil Testing & More for Your Wilmington Property

We perform our fertilization services from early spring to late fall. Your property will receive a custom fertilization and weed control schedule depending on the needs of your lawn. We will perform soil testing to ensure your lawn has everything it needs to reach optimal growth.

Depending on the condition of your landscape's soil, your shrubs and trees may require advanced plant health care.

We use fungicides to target issues like root rot, needle cast, and powdery mildew.

Do you need plant health or lawn care services for your home or business? Call us today.

If your property has noticeable issues like bare spots or a bug infestation, call our professional team today at (978) 582-1594. Even if you don't observe any issues with your grass, regular lawn care services can prevent it from developing serious and costly problems. We serve both residential and commercial properties in Wilmington, MA, and surrounding areas.

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