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We offer seeding services for lawns in and around Lunenburg, MA.

Seeding In Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, & Nearby MA Areas

Fortify existing grass or establish an all-new lawn with our seeding and slice seeding services.

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The Way Lawn Care Should Be!

Seeding and slice seeding services for residential and commercial properties in Lunenburg, Leominster, and surrounding areas.

Our seeding services help to create new lawns, make current lawns stronger, or repair patches of lawns that need fixing.

A healthy green lawn after our seeding services in Leominster, MA.

Typically performed after core aeration, our seeding services help to encourage grass growth. Seeding can be used to create new lawns, add strength to current lawns, or repair damaged patches of lawns.

We provide seeding and slice seeding services to residential and commercial properties located in Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, Westford, and other nearby areas such as Lincoln and Framingham.

What Is Slice Seeding & What Are the Benefits

When we use slice seeding, it’s done with a slice seeder that slices into your lawn’s soil, creating small holes in the dirt, and drops the grass seed deep into the soil. This allows the seeds to make direct and instant contact with the soil, giving each seed a chance to germinate. Slice seeding is a process that works well for thinned out lawns or refreshing lawns.

Using slice seeding ensures that the seeds get into the soil instead of resting on top of it, and it helps to encourage growth. It is a slightly more complicated process than overseeding, so consult with the professionals at Gatsby Grounds Company to decide which is best for your lawn. Slice seeding gives the best results when it’s done in the fall.

A lawn that has undergone slice seeding in Lunenburg, MA.

The Process of Overseeding & When It Should Be Done

Overseeding usually happens after core aeration is performed on a lawn. It is generally best to do any kind of seeding in the fall, after the heat of summer and unforgiving temperatures. Summer can do damage to a lawn and it needs restoration after the season is over.

We apply grass seed that is made of 50 percent perennial rye, 45 percent tall fescue, and 5 percent bluegrass. These types of grasses grow very well in our area of Massachusetts and will flourish when maintained and cared for properly.

Once we overseed a property, we come back within 48 hours of the procedure to apply fertilizer. We use a 50 percent slow-release fertilizer with nitrogen and potassium so that the new grass will have plenty of nutrients to absorb as it grows. If a soil test is done and your soil is determined to be low on phosphorus, we can also apply that.

We offer seeding services for lawns in the areas surrounding Lunenburg, MA.

Give us a call today for overseeding or slice seeding services at your property.

At Gatsby Grounds Company, we have over 20 years of experience when it comes to overseeding your property as well as the slice seeding process. We work with residential and commercial properties all across the areas of Worcester and Middlesex Counties, including Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, and other areas such as Westford, Lincoln, and Framingham.

Let us help you revitalize and refresh your lawn! Contact us today at (978) 582-1594 to set up an estimate or consultation on our seeding services.

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