Protect Your Pets, Rid Your Lawn of Pests

A known carrier of a wide variety of diseases including the debilitating Lyme disease, ticks can be a very serious issue. Ticks are especially problematic for pets, given that they can hide under fur until engorged to the point of being visible. Having our team apply a lawn and perimeter treatment for ticks can help deter the pests and ensure that you can safely enjoy your lawn.

We recommend having three treatments for ticks over the course of the Spring/Summer. Once in May, July, and September. This is to treat against the multiple species of ticks that emerge at varying times throughout the warmer months.

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Enjoy Your Lawn, Protect Your Home

Fleas can be a terrible nuisance. Hitching a ride into your home on either yourself or a family pet. Once in your home, fleas can be incredibly difficult to rid yourself of. Our licensed team can help ensure that these pests aren’t a problem in the first place. Treating your lawn and perimeter with professional grade, targeted, agents acting to eliminate fleas before they can ever become an issue.

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A Small Pest, With a Big Impact

Mosquitoes are, by far, the worst backyard annoyance in terms of insects. It only takes a few to turn relaxation outdoors into running inside. We can help you enjoy your backyard again, with a lawn and perimeter treatment targeted for mosquitoes. Our team will help deter those outdoor pests, and help you have a better backyard experience.

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Our decades of experience in lawn and turf care ensures that every job we take comes out remarkable. Contact us today to utilize any of our quality services and we promise your landscape will look better than you could have ever imagined.