Tailored Turf Care Program

Our licensed specialists are your local lawn care experts. With our team’s years of experience, you can count on each member to be knowledgeable of your lawn situation and help you find the best fit for your lawn’s needs. You can also expect a phenomenal end product that you will be more than happy with. You can rest knowing that your lawn is in the best of hands.

Our free lawn care assessment program addresses common issues such as:

  • Thin or bare areas
  • Crabgrass
  • Moles/Voles
  • Lawn fungus/disease
  • Brown patches
  • Weeds
  • Moss
  • Grubs

We will tailor your lawn care program to the needs of your landscape to produce the healthiest lawn possible.

As a benchmark, a standard lawn care program includes four to six applications of fertilizers, weed control, disease control, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and grub control if needed.

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Grow Your Lawn Tougher, Faster

One of the most important factors in caring for any lawn is the application of fertilizer. All of our lawn care programs use professional-grade fertilizers to ensure a slow release feeding of fertilizer every four to six weeks. Unlike most national lawn care providers, we tailor programs for each lawn, and are happy to adjust the amount of applications based on the specific needs that our team of professionals assess for your lawn.

If your lawn could use our fertilizer services, call (978) 582-1594 today.

Developing Stronger, Deeper, Roots

Core aeration deepens the root system of your lawn. Making it more resistant to hazards like dry weather, and increases the amount of nutrients your lawn absorbs through soil. Our team of professionals perform this service by removing small “cores” of soil, about the size of a small test tube, allowing water and fertilizer to more easily reach the root system. We highly recommend core aeration when overseeding.

If your lawn requires our aeration services, contact us at (978) 582-1594 today.

Restore Your Lawn’s Lushness

If your lawn is spotted with numerous brown and yellow patches, our licensed professionals will likely recommend overseeding. Spreading a large amount of fresh seed directly over the existing lawn, typically after core aeration, we can restore the lush density of your lawn. We highly recommend a core aeration prior to overseeding as it will provide the new seed with the best possible germination environment.

If your lawn could benefit from our overseeding services, call us at (978) 582-1594 today.

A Different Way to Seed

When our team performs slice seeding, they are opening the surface of the soil and dropping fresh seed directly into the surface soil. That direct soil contact will ensure a good germination of the seed, which is why we recommend slice seeding for lawns with a few bare spots, but otherwise healthy overall.

If slice seeding seems like a good fit for your lawn, call (978) 582-1594 today.

The Best Dressing…for Your Lawn

In order to increase the amount of healthy, raw nutrients in your soil and ultimately for the health of your lawn, our team of experts will lay down loam, sand, calcined clay, or compost directly over the surface of the lawn. We recommend using a bio-solid based compost recycled from local waste-water plants to give your lawn the highest density of nutrients possible. Top dressing can serve to raise the pH of your lawn, improve the soil profile, and even reduce watering requirements!

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Our decades of experience in lawn and turf care ensures that every job we take comes out remarkable. Contact us today to utilize any of our quality services and we promise your landscape will look better than you could have ever imagined.