If you've recently bought a property or your lawn has fallen into disrepair, then you may be considering ways to fix it. Two options for creating a new lawn in Massachusetts include sod and hydroseeding, both of which are popular options in Lunenburg, Concord, Leominster, and nearby cities.

Most people know that sod installation involves placing rolls of grass directly onto bare soil, rolling it to make it level, and then watering it for a bit. Hydroseeding, however, is not as common of a term—but it's an incredibly efficient way to create a new lawn. It involves spraying a slurry mixture of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and other substances onto bare soil. Here, we'll compare hydroseeding and sod's cost, time, quality, and use cases so you can decide which one is best for your property.

Price Comparison (Winner: Hydroseeding)

When looking at price alone, hydroseeding is the clear winner. Sod must be bought by the pallet which means you may end up having to buy more sod than you actually need. Sod also requires more labor to install, which increases its price as well. In most cases, sod costs up to four times more per square foot than hydroseeding services do. When you have a large property, that price difference adds up quickly.

A landscape with fresh hydroseeding.

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Time to Established Lawn (Winner: Sod)

Generally, you will start to see new grass growth within 7-10 days of hydroseeding services, while the entire lawn may take around four to six weeks to come in and be fully ready for use at your residential or commercial property. With sod, however, your lawn will appear fully established instantly and will be ready for full use within two weeks.

Rolls of sod on a landscape.

Quality of Result (Winner: Tie)

Both sod installation and hydroseeding produce beautiful, quality results when they are done properly. Sod can provide uniform lawns that are green and lush. Hydroseeding services allow you to cross-breed turf types to create sports turf mix, wildflower mixes, and others. Each one will create a lawn that you will be proud to see every day.

Use Cases (Winner: Hydroseeding)

Hydroseeding services are ideal for properties that have medium to large lawns, as they are efficient and quick and will cover the entire area in one application. Hydroseeding is also perfect for properties with sloped areas or hillsides because the mixture has a tackifier in it that allows it to stick to the soil without washing away. For small or tight areas, sod may be the best choice.

For most properties, hydroseeding is the clear winner. Call our lawn care company to learn more.

Unless you have a tiny property or do not care about the cost of sod installation, hydroseeding services clearly win over sod. Hydroseeding is more cost-effective, takes less labor, covers more area quickly, and produces just as good of a result. Throughout Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, and nearby areas of Massachusetts, our company provides quality hydroseeding and other lawn care services. We work with all sizes of properties and our experts will effectively apply the mixture to your property. Call us today at (978) 582-1594 to learn more!