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Tips to Ensure Your Plants Stay Healthy Throughout Winter

Tips to Ensure Your Plants Stay Healthy Throughout Winter

Winter can be very harsh on your landscape plants. The cold weather, snow, rain, and frigid wind all take a toll on your shrubs, trees, and other small plants. To help prevent damage to your landscape, it’s important to take the necessary steps to provide them extra protection during the cold months.

Fertilization, weed removal, mulch installation, and trimming all help protect your plants during the winter. If you live in Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, and the surrounding areas, here is how to ensure your plants stay healthy throughout winter.

Fertilize Your Plants to Provide Optimum Nutrients

Fertilizer being applied to plants in Lunenburg, MA.

Many people believe that they should slow down on fertilization in the fall, or even stop it entirely; however, this isn’t the wisest decision. Providing your plants with a healthy application of fall fertilizer actually helps them gather nutrients they need to sustain themselves during the winter. Plants generally stop growing during the fall, but their roots continue to grow stronger and root deeper during this time and during the winter. Fertilizing your plants in fall provides them with the nutrients they need to fuel their root growth during the wintertime and leads to stronger, healthier plants come spring.

Pull Weeds From Your Garden

Weeds can be a nightmare for your landscape. They are voracious and grow rapidly, and when allowed to remain in your landscape beds, they can kill the plants that you’ve worked so hard to ...

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