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How Grubs Destroy Your Yard

How Grubs Destroy Your Yard

Keeping your yard at optimal health is a delicate balance in Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, and surrounding areas. You have to make sure it’s being mowed properly, fertilized correctly, and has the right weed control applications.

Without those balances, your lawn may not be strong enough to fend off insect infestations or disease. A common problem we see here in our area is the invasion of grubs. Grubs can invade your lawn and quickly kill it off. Here is a guide to grubs and what they can do to destroy your yard.

What Exactly Is a Grub?

Simply put, a grub is a larva. These larvae grow up to be adult beetles who lay eggs which hatch into larvae, beginning an endless cycle unless it’s stopped. These types of beetles are usually Japanese beetles or June bugs. Their larvae, or grubs, typically hatch sometime in the summer about two weeks after the eggs are laid.

Grubs Feed on the Roots of Your Grass

Grubs in the soil of this Leominster, MA yard are quickly taking over.

As soon as grubs hatch, they then begin to feed on the roots of your grass. This causes the blades to die as they no longer have a way to suck up much-needed nutrients from the soil around them.

While the grubs continue to grow, they nest deeper and deeper into the soil and continue to attack the root system of your grass. They stay deep in the soil all through the winter so they can emerge in the spring and eat more roots before entering their pupal stage to transform into adults.

Grubs will end up killing your...

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