Because Massachusetts experiences an average high temperature of 36°F during the first month of the year, lawn care is likely the last thing on your mind. While this is understandable, we at Gatsby Grounds Company recommend you start planning your lawn care schedule for the spring.

Doing so will help you maintain its beauty and health year-round. Learn more about why you should create your lawn care schedule in the winter and how our lawn care providers can help in areas such as Lunenburg, Concord, Leominster, and nearby communities.

Our lawn care company helps you prepare for the summer infestation of pests and weeds.

If you wait until spring to start your lawn care plan, you may require pest and weed treatment rather than pest and weed prevention. If you don't have the proper pest and weed control practices in place, your Leominster lawn and plants may be susceptible to issues like:

  • Crabgrass
  • Broadleaf weeds
  • Scale bugs
  • Hemlock wooly adelgids

With the right nutrients and fertilizer applications, you can discourage pests and weeds from taking refuge in your yard in the first place. Our lawn care company can visit your site to determine a proper fertilization schedule for your lawn and landscape.

Your lawn may benefit from slice seeding in the spring.

A yard in Leominster, MA before and after slice seeding.

In the winter, your lawn may die off due to the cold weather if it wasn't properly cared for by a professional, reliable lawn care company. Slice seeding is a quick and effective way to fill in bare areas of a lawn.

Here at Gatsby Grounds Company, we typically perform our slice seeding services either in the spring or the fall. If you have a high percentage of bare areas consider slice seeding in the spring. To ensure that you are prepared, you should start considering the benefits of a slice seeding treatment now:

  • It grows grass fast, usually within 4 to 6 weeks. It works much faster than overseeding.
  • It ensures your grass grows uniformly due to our overlap pattern.
  • We use a high-quality grass seed mix with excellent germination rate and color.

Want to get ahead of planning your lawn care schedule? Contact us today.

We strongly recommend planning your spring lawn care schedule now. Don't wait until spring rolls around. Get ahead while it's the lawn care industry's off-season.

While we are always available to help, we have ample time in the winter to address any concerns and create an effective lawn care schedule. Contact us today at (978) 582-1594 for expert lawn care services in Concord, Lunenburg, Leominster, and the surrounding communities.