Your lawn needs certain growing conditions in order to remain healthy and continue producing strong growth. Regular lawn care and maintenance services can only do so much. What really matters is what's going on underneath the soil.

Soil plays one of the biggest roles in keeping grass and other plant life alive. Without the right pH level and balance of key nutrients, like nitrogen and potassium, your lawn is at risk for more weeds, diseases and pests, and weaker grass growth overall.

The information provided by soil tests alerts you to what kind of lawn services need to be done in order to stabilize your soil. Whether this is a lime treatment or a fertilizer application, soil testing can help homeowners in Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, and nearby areas prepare their lawn and landscape for the upcoming spring season.

What are the reasons why a soil test is performed?

Even if you have a full-service lawn care and maintenance company regularly working on your property, their effort will have little to no impact if your soil isn't healthy.

Soil pH is one of the main factors that determine how well your grass and plants will grow and how long they'll survive. Rain, microbial activity, and fertilizers with too much nitrogen can all affect the soil pH levels. Certain grass species prefer different pH levels, but most enjoy soil that is slightly acidic. This scale is normally between 6.5 to 6.9. However, not all lawns do well in overly acidic or alkaline soil, which is why these levels will vary depending on where you live.

Another component of having healthy soil is ensuring it has the right balance of nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are all vital to lawn growth. Nitrogen helps grass stay leafy and full, which makes it more resistant to disease and pests. Potassium and phosphorus are both good for stimulating grass growth and making lawns more resistant to environmental concerns like drought and frost. The health of your lawn can become severely compromised without the right balance of nutrients.

Conducting a soil test can provide you with information about the pH levels AND if your soil has too little, too much, or just the right amount of nutrients and micronutrients. These results help guide you in what you'll need to do next to make the soil healthier and what nutrients need to be supplemented through a fertilization program.

What can you expect with a soil test performed by our team at Gatsby Grounds Company?

We know how important it is to have a lawn that's green and thriving. That's why soil testing is included with all of our lawn care programs!

All tests are performed in a qualified lab to provide you with the most professional and accurate results possible. Our soil test is heavily detailed and can measure pH, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. From this information, our lawn experts at Gatsby Grounds Company will create a customized plan that will correct any nutrient or pH imbalance to get your soil back to the appropriate condition for healthy grass growth.

How does soil testing affect your fertilization treatment schedule?

Accurately measuring the nutrient levels in your soil helps us know how much fertilizer to apply. Soil with too much nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. can actually have a negative impact on plants and grass and may even harm your existing growth. In fact, as stated by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, soil testing is always required before phosphorus can be applied to your lawn.

The other factor is that your lawn won't be able to absorb the nutrients. So, even if fertilizer is added to your lawn, those extra nutrients will end up being a waste of money to you.

Our soil tests include all the information you'll need to ensure your soil and lawn are properly treated with the right services!

No two lawns are the same; so why would you treat and care for them in the same way?

Without a soil test, you won't be able to tell what your lawn and soil truly need to stay healthy. Our soil tests cover all of the vital information you'll need so you have more confidence knowing that your lawn is being treated with the right care and maintenance services!

Any residential or commercial property located in Lunenburg, Leominster, Concord, or other nearby towns in Massachusetts can receive a soil test for their lawn. Depending on the test results, we can blend our fertilizers to match the nutrient requirements needed for your lawn. Call us today at (978) 582-1594 to schedule a soil test for your property!